PruLife is a lifetime traditional protection plan that gives the policyowner savings through cash value and dividends. 


  • Gives guaranteed insurance protection starting at premiums of PhP1,500/month
  • In case of cash emergencies, the policy’s cash value may be availed of through a policy loan
  • Policy dividends may be withdrawn or left with the policy to accumulate with interest. It may also be used to avail of the non-forfeiture options, which are usually availed of when you have difficulty paying for the premiums as they fall due
  • Offers a  comprehensive selection of riders which enhance the benefits of the plan such as:

o Accidental Death and Disablement
o Payor Waiver of Premium Benefit
o Renewable and Convertible Level Term Assurance
o Waiver of Premium on Total and Permanent Disability
o Crisis Cover Benefit
o Crisis Cover Plus
o Crisis Cover Waiver
o Spouse Waiver
o Personal Accident

Product Packages:

PruLife Health Guard
PruLife Health Guard Plus
PruLife Health Secure

How it works

Carlos, aged 30, is newly-wed and has decided to buy a PruLife policy. For as little as PhP2,692 per month, Carlos gets covered against death, critical illness and accidental death and disablement for a sum assured of PhP1,000,000.


End of Policy Year Monthly Premium* Death Benefit Surrender Value
Guaranteed Non-Guaranteed** Total Guaranteed Non-Guaranteed** Total
20 PhP2,692 PhP1,000,000 PhP301,424 PhP1,301,424 PhP179,430 PhP301,424 PhP480,854
* Premium quoted is based on male aged 30. Riders attached are ADD and CCB with PhP1,000,000 cover each.
** Based on the current rate of 6% which is the dividend accumulation rate credited by the Company. Dividends may change from time to time according to the Company’s operating results and conditions. As such, dividends are merely estimates and not a guarantee of future values.


Buying a life insurance policy is a long-term commitment. An early termination of the policy usually involves high cost and the surrender value payable may be less than the total premiums paid.

This is not a contract of insurance and reference should be made to the respective policies for the exact terms and conditions applicable to the insurance policy. Please refer to the exact terms, conditions, exclusions and specific details applicable to this insurance in the policy document that can be obtained from a Pru Life UK Financial Consultant.