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Balikbayan Raffle

Balikbayan Raffle

Mechanics, Terms, and Conditions

 Who can join

1. The raffle is open to all Overseas Filipino Workers (“OFWs”), aged eighteen (18) years old and above.

2. All employees and agents of Pru Life UK and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the raffle.


How to join

1. Visit www.PRUTektadongOFW.com 

2. Sign-up to be contacted* by a Pru Life UK agent for the free Financial Consultation and provide all of the following information:

a. Complete name

b. Email address

c. Phone/mobile number

d. Preferred Channel for Contact

e. Current Location

f. Date of Return to the Philippines

*Note: You will only be contacted by a Pru Life UK agent once you are physically present in the Philippines.

3. Participants who sign up to be contacted by a Pru Life UK agent will automatically earn one (1) raffle entry. 

4. Additional three (3) raffle entries will be awarded to those who will answer the OFW survey.

5. The number of raffle entries earned by a participant can be checked at www.PRUTektadongOFW.com twenty-four (24) hours after signing up or completing the OFW survey.

6. Existing Pru Life UK OFW customers as of May 15, 2022 who will join and fill out the form within the promo period are entitled to one (1) additional raffle entry.​

7. Raffle period is from May 15, 2022 to  August 31, 2022.  


How are winners selected

1. A monthly winner will be selected at random via an electronic raffle draw following this schedule:

2. The winners will be announced on Pru Life UK’s Facebook page on the date stated on the schedule above and later posted on Pru Life UK’s official website. 

3. For each monthly draw, there will be ten (10) winners each of a Php 5,000 Puregold voucher.

4. A participant may have multiple raffle entries but may only win once in the monthly raffle draw.

5. All non-winning monthly raffle entries from May 15, 2022 to August 31, 2022 will be included in the grand raffle draw. Monthly draw winners who still have non-winning raffle entries are still eligible to win in the grand raffle draw.

6. The grand prize raffle draw winners are as follows: one (1) winner of Php 500,000 cash and three (3) winners of roundtrip tickets worth a maximum of Php 150,000 for each winner. The winner will be announced on Pru Life UK’s Facebook page on September 9, 2022.

7. The winners will be notified using the email address and the phone/mobile number provided  upon registration. They will also receive separate instructions on how to claim their prizes via email. 

8. Non-cash prizes are not convertible to cash and are not transferrable.


Terms and conditions

1. The Balikbayan Raffle-PRUTektadong OFW Special raffle program (the “Raffle”) conducted by Pru Life UK will run from May 15, 2022 to  August 31, 2022 and is open only to OFWs aged eighteen (18) and above.

2. By registering to the Raffle, the participant agrees to the mechanics or terms and conditions set by Pru Life UK governing the rules of participation. This includes authorizing Pru Life UK and selected third-parties to process the participant’s personal information for the administration of the Raffle, in accordance with the Security and Privacy Notice of Pru Life UK which may be viewed at https://www.prulifeuk.com.ph/en/footer/privacy-policy/. 

3. By signing up at www.PRUTektadongOFW.com for the free Financial Consultation ("Consultation"), participants will get a chance to win different prizes from Pru Life UK, including Php 500,000 cash or roundtrip tickets (worth up to Php 150,000 for each winner) in the grand draw. Participants will also get a chance to win Php 5,000 Puregold Gift Certificates in the monthly draw.

4. To join the Raffle and earn one (1) raffle entry, the participant must successfully sign up for free Financial Consultation ("Consultation"). To earn three (3) additional raffle entries, a participant may answer the PRUTektadong OFW  Survey ("Survey"). A participant who completes the Consultation form and the Survey more than once will not earn any additional raffle entries.

5. The Contest is strictly for OFWs, whether currently deployed or in the Philippines. Proof of OFW status is required to be able to claim a prize.  Only the OWWA Card or an Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC)  will be accepted as proof of OFW status. The contest is open to all current OFWs or those who have recently been repatriated, provided they were deployed within the past two (2) years. 

6. Pru Life UK reserves the right to change the raffle mechanics, dates and or terms of the Raffle without prior notice.

7. The Grand Raffle Prize of Php 500,000 cash shall only be awarded to the winner in person and upon return to the Philippines.

8. All issues pertaining to the Raffle shall be resolved by Pru Life UK. The decision of Pru Life UK on any issue will be deemed final.

9. By participating in the Raffle, the winner agrees to cooperate with and participate in any advertising or publicity activities of Pru Life UK relating to the Raffle and the Raffle draw without any compensation. The winner agrees that Pru Life UK may publicize the name and photo of the winner in such mode and manner as it considers fit. The winner's name  and photo may be published on Pru Life UK’s website, social media channels, and official press releases to the media.

10. Any and all expenses related to the claiming of the prizes will be for the sole account of the winner. Any taxes and delivery expenses relative to the prizes shall be for the account of Pru Life UK. 

11. The winner must submit valid proof of identity and the notice sent by Pru Life UK when claiming the prize. The winner must respond within sixty (60) calendar days from date of notification, otherwise, the prize may be forfeited, or a new winner may be selected.

12. Pru Life UK reserves the right to reject any raffle entries deemed inappropriate as detailed in our Privacy Policy and these Raffle Mechanics, Terms and Conditions.

13. Pru Life UK reserves the right to forfeit the prize or invalidate the awarding to the winner should it be proven that the winner has provided any false information or committed any fraudulent act. In such a case, Pru Life UK may conduct another raffle to draw another winner.

14. Subject to applicable laws, Pru Life UK makes no warranties, and hereby disclaims any and all warranties, express or implied, concerning any of the prizes given in connection with this Raffle.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the prizes are provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and will not be converted to and given in cash for non-cash prizes.

15. By accepting a prize, the winner agrees to hold Pru Life UK free and harmless from any loss, injury, or damage caused by or arising from his/her participation in the Raffle or caused by or arising from his/her acceptance and/or use of the prize.

16. No purchase of any Pru Life UK product is required to join the Raffle.


May Raffle Winners

  1. Jomar Hernandez

  2. Marian Santos

  3. Brian Rizaldy

  4. Herbie Del Rosario

  5. Carl Ngujo

  6. Ayara San Pedro

  7. James Alipao

  8. Marina Mapalo

  9. Robilyn Escalon

  10. Rhose Mae Cosare


June Raffle Winners

  1. Mary Jane Mendoza

  2. Donalyn Protacio

  3. Analyn Tan

  4. Mark Anthony Decano

  5. Romeo Villa

  6. Lindsay Capurcos

  7. Zhen Cesista

  8. Amienea Estranerp

  9. Liezl Garcia

  10. Analiza Alesna


July Raffle Winners

  1. Alda Bayaras

  2. Riza Ebuena

  3. Julirose Denopol

  4. Alyza Mijares

  5. Marvin Villadore

  6. Dianne Bodiitcos

  7. Michelle Anne Mirafuentes

  8. Jezza Mae Albao

  9. Dariel Diocampo

  10. Riza Cabardo