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Claims via Partner Hospital

Learn more about processing claims through our partner hospital.

Claiming through St. Luke’s Medical Center


  • Two (2) valid identification cards of the INSURED

  • Two (2) valid identification cards of the POLICYOWNER

  • Attending Physician’s Statement;

  • Claimant Statement; and

  • Partner Hospital Claim Form (This form authorizes St. Luke’s Medical Center to release to Pru Life UK your medical records on the critical illness claim. It also gives St. Luke’s Medical Center the right to accept the claim proceeds and apply the same as payment for your hospital bills.)

Partner Hospital Claim Form


  • You may go directly to St. Luke’s Medical Center if your complete medical records are with the hospital. You don’t have to visit a Pru Life UK office or seek an agent’s assistance during your claim process.

  • Get up to 20% discount on packaged treatments for the following critical illness conditions: cancer, stroke, heart attack, renal failure, and brain tumor.

  • Avail a 10% discount on all hospital services (excluding doctors’ fees). This is regardless of whether your claim is approved or not.

  • Special assistance is available onsite at the International Patients’ Lounge where all transactions will be processed.

You will receive timely updates on your claims application status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who may avail of this value-added service?

You can avail of this service if you are making a claim against any of the following:

  • Crisis Cover Benefit (CCB)

  • Life Care Benefit (LCB)

  • Multiple Life Care Plus (MLCP)

  • Life Care Advance Plus (LCAP)

  • Life Care Plus (LCP)

  • PruWellness

What are the requirements to avail of this service?

The claim requirements are streamlined for your convenience. Only the following will be required to make a claim:

  • Two (2) valid identification cards of INSURED

  • Two (2) valid identification cards of POLICYOWNER

  • Claimant Statement

  • Attending Physician’s Statement (APS)

  • Partner Hospital Claim Form

What is the Partner Hospital Claim Form?

The partner hospital claim form serves two purposes:

  • It explicitly gives Pru Life UK the right to access your medical records in the custody of the partner hospital.

  • It allows you to nominate the portion of the proceeds to be allocated to the hospital.

Where can I submit my critical illness claim application?

You may apply for a critical illness claim through the following channels:

  • Partner hospital through the International Patients Lounge (IPL). Only those whose complete medical records are with St. Luke’s Medical Center may use this route.

  • Pru Life UK Customer Centers

How long will it take for my claim to be processed?

The target processing time is 7 to 24 days, depending on the completeness of requirements and complexity of the case.

Who will coordinate with the partner hospital for my medical records?

Pru Life UK will coordinate directly with the partner hospital for your medical records.

How can I know my claim status?

You will be given updates for each milestone of the claim process. Follow-ups may also be sent to

How do I know that my claim has been approved?

Pru Life UK shall send an email notification and a formal letter to inform you about the results of the claim.

What if the amount I allocated to the hospital is higher than my actual bill?

Pru Life UK will refund you the proceeds in excess of the hospital bills.