Pru Life UK opens investment opportunities in global emerging markets

04 APRIL 2014/ SINGAPORE – Capitalising on long-term investment opportunities and the growth potential of emerging markets worldwide, the Philippines’ lone British life insurer and investment-linked life insurance pioneer Pru Life UK today launched the PruLink Global Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund (PruLink GEM Fund).

The PruLink GEM Fund is structured as a US dollar-denominated feeder fund that invests in the Eastspring Investments-Global Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund.

The fund seeks to identify undervalued stocks in global emerging markets drawing on Eastspring’s expertise as one of Asia’s largest fund houses. This Eastspring fund invests primarily in securities of companies which are incorporated, or listed in, or operating principally from, or carrying on significant business in, or derive substantial revenue from, or whose subsidiaries, related or associated corporations derive substantial revenue from the emerging markets worldwide.

Eastspring Investments is Prudential Corporation Asia’s asset management arm and is one of the region’s largest fund houses with almost US$100 billion in assets under management.

“We believe that current valuations across global emerging markets are cheap, offering an opportunity for investors over the long-term,” said Ms Irmak Surenkok, Client Portfolio Manager, Eastspring Investments.

“Global emerging markets offer a rich stock-picking opportunity. We are active investors, hunting for value stocks across the emerging market universe and buy shares in companies that we believe are meaningfully under-valued, which provides investors with upside potential over the long-term,” Ms Surenkok said.

“The PruLink GEM Fund enables Pru Life UK unit-linked policyholders to diversify their unit-linked investments and benefit from the growth potential of global emerging markets. According to forecasts of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Swiss global financial service comapny UBS AG, there is superior structural growth potential as emerging countries are projected to grow 2% faster per year than developed markets over the next decade,” said Pru Life UK President and CEO Antonio Manuel De Rosas.

“Emerging markets present a viable investment option, with their favorable demographics, increasing urbanisation and economic modernisation. Stock-picking opportunities are broadened with the expanding universe of companies in emerging markets,” added De Rosas.

The PruLink GEM Fund is managed in Eastspring Investment’s regional investment hub in Singapore by an experienced investment team. Eastspring Investments was named the largest Retail Fund Manager in Asia (ex-Japan, Australia and New Zealand) [“region”] in the annual Asia Asset Management Fund Manager Survey 2013 with US$51.8 billion of retail assets sourced in the region as of 30 June 2013. This is the second consecutive year that Eastspring Investments has received this accolade.

Also part of the global Prudential plc Group, Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited has been managing Pru Life UK’s underlying funds for its unit-linked or investment-linked product portfolio since the company pioneered the PruLink product line.

The PruLink GEM Fund is initially available to those who will be acquiring US dollar-denominated PruMillionaire and PruLink Investor Account (PIA) Plus products, Pru Life UK’s single-pay investment-linked policies. It is also initially available for top-ups and fund switching for existing US dollar-denominated PruMillionaire, PIA and PIA Plus policies. Unit-linked or investment-linked policies are two-in-one protection and investment products which Pru Life UK pioneered in the Philippines in 2002.

Unit-linked policyholders have the freedom to choose where to invest a portion of their premium payment from Pru Life UK’s fund portfolio - PruLink Peso Bond Fund (invests in local bonds and money market instruments); PruLink Dollar Bond Fund (invests in US dollar fixed income securities issued by the Philippine government, Filipino corporates and international entities); PruLink Equity Fund (invests in shares of stock in the local stock market); PruLink Growth Fund (predominantly invests in shares of stocks with a minimum investment in fixed income securities and money market instruments); PruLink ProActive Fund (highlights dynamic allocation by fund managers through investment in fixed income securities, money market instruments and shares of stocks); PruLink Managed Fund (invests predominantly in fixed income with minimum investment in shares of stocks); PruLink Money Market Fund (invests in bank deposits and money market instruments); PruLink Asian Local Bond Fund, (feeder fund that invests offshore in the Eastspring Investments - Asian Local Bond Fund); PruLink Asia Pacific Equity Fund (feeder fund that invests offshore in the Eastspring Investments – Asia Pacific Equity Fund); and now, the PruLink Global Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund.


About Pru Life UK

Established in 1996, Pru Life UK is a subsidiary of British financial services giant Prudential plc. Pru Life UK is the pioneer and current market leader of unit-linked or investment-linked life insurance products, and is one of the first life insurance companies approved to market US dollar-denominated unit-linked policies in the country. Pru Life UK is a life insurance company and is not engaged in the business of selling pre-need plans.

Prudential plc is a United Kingdom-registered company. Its regional headquarters, Prudential Corporation Asia, is based in Hong Kong.

Pru Life UK and Prudential plc are not affiliated with Prudential Financial, Inc. (a US-registered company), Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Prudentialife Plans, Inc. or Prudential Guarantee and Assurance, Inc. (all Philippine-registered companies).

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About Eastspring Investments

Eastspring Investments, part of Prudential Corporation Asia, is Prudential's1asset management business in Asia. It is one of Asia's largest asset managers, with operations in 14 markets (including offices in the US, Luxembourg and the UK), more than 2,000 employees and about US$100 billion (£60 billion) in assets under management (at December 31, 2013).

More than one-third of Eastspring Investments' total assets are sourced from third party clients including a wide range of retail and institutional investors. Eastspring Investments also manages the assets of life and pension products sold by Prudential Group in the UK, the US and across Asia.

Eastspring Investments operates in Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and Indonesia, and has joint venture operations in India, China and Hong Kong. The business opened a US sales operation in 2012 and established a management company in Luxembourg earlier this year.

Together with Eastspring Investments, Prudential Corporation Asia (PCA) comprises the life insurance businesses of Prudential plc in Asia spanning 13 markets: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Prudential plc is an international financial services group with operations spanning Asia, the US and the UK.

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1 Prudential plc, incorporated and with its principal place of business in England, and its affiliated companies constitute one of the world's leading financial services groups and has been in existence for over 160 years. It provides insurance and financial services directly and through its subsidiaries and affiliates throughout the world. Prudential plc is not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc, a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America

This press release is issued in Singapore by Eastspring Investments (Singapore) Limited (Company Reg. No: 199407631H), which is incorporated in Singapore and is licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore.

This press release is solely for information purposes and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to anyone to invest in investment products. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future performance. Any view, opinion, projection, or forecast on the economy, securities markets or the economic trends of the markets is not necessarily indicative of the future performance of Eastspring Investments or any funds managed by Eastspring Investments. An investment is subject to investment risks, including the possible loss of the principal amount invested. Whilst we have taken all reasonable care to ensure that the information contained in this document is not untrue or misleading at the time of publication, we cannot guarantee its accuracy or completeness. Any opinion or estimate contained in this document is subject to change without notice.

Eastspring Investments (excluding JV companies) companies are ultimately wholly-owned / indirect subsidiaries / associate of Prudential plc of the United Kingdom. Eastspring Investments companies (including JV's) and Prudential plc are not affiliated in any manner with Prudential Financial, Inc., a company whose principal place of business is in the United States of America.

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