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Frequently Asked Questions

General inquiries about Pulse

Where can I download Pulse?

Pulse is available on Android and iOS and can be downloaded for free via Google PlayStore and the Apple App Store, you may also download Pulse by visiting:

How can I access my policy on Pulse?

Easily manage and have access to your policies on Pulse! Download and register to Pulse and visit PRUShoppe > PRUServices to view your policies. Tap ‘Link Policy’ if your policy is not available on the app to sync your active policies on the app.

I had a policy/policies in My Policies on Pulse, will I still be able to access it?

My Policies on Pulse has been renamed to PRUServices as of 2022. This change will not affect any policies you have enrolled to Pulse.

What is PRUServices?

PRUServices is an easy and convenient way for you to access your policies via Pulse. With PRUServices you can manage your policy through the following features:

  • View your policy information and investment portfolio
  • Update your contact information and billing frequency
  • Add/update the Primary Beneficiary of your policy
  • Register Claims
Forgot your password? 

Simply follow the Forgot Password process below:

  1. Click on 'Forgot Password'.

  2. Type the email address registered in Pulse.

  3. Wait for the password reset code in your registered email.

  4. Enter your password reset code.

  5. Wait for your temporary password.

  6. Log in using the temporary password.

  7. Change the temporary password to your preferred password via Account> My Settings>Change Password.

Note: If you copy the temporary password, please make sure to copy all the characters to avoid any errors.

What are the type of IDs required when purchasing products in PRUShoppe?

Here are the valid IDs accepted via Pulse:

  • Driver’s License

  • Passport

  • SSS

  • For other government issued IDs, this will require manual input on the system when purchasing the product. Reminder to check details prior proceeding to next step after OCR capturing of ID details to ensure that details are all correct.

Can you opt for manual input of ID details when purchasing products in PRUShoppe?

Yes, user can opt for manual input of his ID details instead of using the automated ID scanning system. You may directly input your details on the information needed upon application.

How to change your registered name in Pulse?

a) Change your name under Pulse Profile. See below for the steps.

Step 1: Click Profile button.


Step 2: Click Edit button.


Step 3: Input correct name and click Update button.


b) User cannot change Policyowner name under PRUServices. In the event Policyowner will have to file a claim, you will need to send a copy of your ID uploaded on Pulse for verification purposes.

Updating of beneficiary on Pulse

Can I update the details of my beneficiary on Pulse?
  • This will cover both digital policies (Policies purchased via PRUShoppe on Pulse) and successfully linked non-digital policies (Policies not purchased on Pulse) that are both with “In Force” status. 

  • This will only cover primary beneficiaries.

  • For digital policies:

- Beneficiaries is only limited to spouse, child, father, mother, sibling, grandparent, niece/nephew.

- Policyowner can add up to 2 beneficiaries. 

  • For non-digital policies: 

- Beneficiaries is only limited to spouse, child, father, mother, sibling.

- Policyowner can add up to 15 beneficiaries.

What are excluded in add/update beneficiary feature in Pulse?
  • Does not cover Lapsed status policies

  • Is not available for policies with existing irrevocable beneficiaries

  • Is not available in updating secondary beneficiaries 

  • Does not cover policies which are assigned

Can I update my secondary beneficiaries in Pulse?

Updating of secondary beneficiary in Pulse even through transferring secondary to primary is not available in Pulse. To proceed on the request, you may to send an email request to or submit it at any Pru Life UK branch. 

Are beneficiary updates in Pulse reflected real time?
  • Digital policies (Policies purchased via PRUShoppe on Pulse) - changes in named beneficiary is reflected in Pulse real time.

  • Non-digital policies (Policies not purchased on Pulse) – changes in named beneficiary will reflect in Pulse within 24 hours from successful change transaction.

Can I still update my non-digital (Policies not purchased on Pulse) policy’s beneficiary details via Pru Life UK branches if I want to?

Yes, for non-digital policies (Policies not purchased on Pulse) our customer representatives at our branches can still update your details in our records. Although, we strongly encourage you to utilize our Pulse app for your convenience in transacting with us.

When Pru Life UK customer representative updates my non-digital (Policies not purchased on Pulse) beneficiaries at branch, when will this be updated in my Pulse account?

Beneficiary Changes will be reflected in Pulse app within 24 hours. 

For Digital Products (Policies purchased via PRUShoppe on Pulse) can Pru Life UK branch customer representatives change beneficiary name when requested by client?

Currently, beneficiary update for policies bought via Prushoppe is only available via Pulse.

How will the beneficiary know the terms & conditions of the policy they are a part of?

The beneficiary’s mobile number and email address should be updated when inputting beneficiary details. The added beneficiary will receive a notification via text & email. He/she should register the same email address in Pulse so he can view the terms & conditions. To view the document, the beneficiary should go to PRUServices and the enrolled policy is automatically shown under Beneficiary Tab.

Claims filing on Pulse

What is the coverage of Register Claims feature in Pulse?  
  • Submission of minor and major claims for digital policies (Policies purchased via PRUShoppe on Pulse) and non-digital policies (Policies not purchased on Pulse)

  • For non-digital (Policies not purchased on Pulse) policies, user may need to link his/her policy in PULSE first in order to proceed on this feature

  • Only available if both policy and benefit are “In Force” status

  • Registering digital policies (Policies purchased via PRUShoppe on Pulse) and minor rider of non-digital policies (Policies not purchased on Pulse) can be done under PRUServices, while registering major claim can be done under PRUShoppe.




  • Minor claims cover:

- Daily Hospital Income,

- Long-term Hospitalization,

- Intensive Care Unit,

- Surgical Expense, and

- Accidental Medical Reimbursement riders

  • Major claims cover:

- Death,

- Total and Permanent Disability,

- Critical Illness and

- Accidental Death and Disablement benefits

After the claimant has filed their claim, how long will it take for the claim to be processed?

It will take up to 5 days for incontestable claims and 19 days for contestable claims upon receipt of the documents as long as documents are complete. However, PLUK may still require for additional documents during evaluation.

How will the claimant know the status of their claim?
  • Claimant will be informed every status update of claim request through in-app, SMS and Email notification. SMS and Email notification will be sent to client's registered mobile and email address for the policy.

  • Claimant can also check their claims status and other submitted claims history under ‘View Claims’ tile in PRUShoppe.

  • In-app notification and status via ‘View Claims’ tile is limited to non-digital claims (Policies not purchased on Pulse) only.

How will the claimant know if there are additional documents required?

Claimant will be informed through the e-mail address they provided during submission.

Pay Premium on Pulse

What is Pay Premium?

Pay Premium is a new PRUServices feature in Pulse that allows our customers to make one-time payment for their policies using a debit card, credit card, or e-wallet.

How do I know if my policy can be paid using Pay Premium?

The Pay Premium feature is available for the following:

  • PRULink and Traditional policies not purchased in Pulse (non-digital sold policies)

  • Policies under In-Force - Premium Paying status

  • Policies under cash, credit card, or Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) payment method 

  • Policies under monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, or annual payment mode

Pay Premium feature is currently not available to cater:

  • Third-party payor (TPP) payments

  • Single-pay policies, policies purchased through PRUShoppe in Pulse, and policies under Fully Paid status

  • Advance payment for policies enrolled in automatic credit card billing or Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA) payment facilities

Can I use Pay Premium if my policy is enrolled in credit card enrollment or Automatic Debit Arrangement (ADA)?

Yes, you can pay your premium through this facility sixteen (16) days after your policy's due date. This is to ensure that your enrolled credit card or bank account was not successfully charged before you pay here.

Can I use Pay Premium to pay my premium in advance?

Yes, provided that your policy’s payment method is “cash” and the advance premium payment is transacted within fifteen (15) days before your policy’s due date.

I have an outstanding excess premium in my policy. Do I still have to pay my premium in full when paying via Pay Premium?

No, any outstanding excess premium in your policy at the time of payment transaction will be deducted from the Total Payable Amount.

When will my payment be posted on my policy?

Your payment will be posted on your policy within 24 hours from successful payment transaction date.

How can I confirm if my Pay Premium transaction is successful?

You will see a Successful Payment screen that contains your Transaction ID if your Pay Premium transaction is successful. The screen will be available for 30 seconds. Please take a screenshot so you can keep a record of your transaction for future reference. Your electronic official receipt will also be sent to your registered email address.

Who can I reach out to for concerns about the Pay Premium?

For any questions, you may send an email to PRU Customer Action Team at or call our customer helpdesk at (632) 8887 LIFE (8887 5433) within Metro Manila or 1 800 10 PRULINK (1 800 10 7785465) for domestic toll-free hotline.

Can an authorized third party payor or representative transact premium payments through Pay Premium?

No. Only the policyowner, using his/her own e-wallet or credit card is allowed to pay via this facility as of this time. Authorized third party payors can transact premium payments through other payment channels. Any payments made using e-wallet or credit card that are not owned by the policy owner may be subject to post-verification and/or reversal.

Daily Fund Price on Pulse

What are the PRULink Funds available for viewing under Daily Fund Price in Pulse?

As of June 20,2022, the daily unit prices of the following PRULink funds are available:

Peso Fund

Dollar Fund

PRULink Money Market Fund

PRULink Dollar Bond Fund

PRULink Peso Bond Fund

PRULink Asian Local Bond Fund

PRULink Cash Flow Fund - PhP Hedged Share Class

PRULink Cash Flow Fund

PRULink Managed Fund

PRULink Asian Balanced Fund

PRULink Proactive Fund

PRULink Asia Pacific Equity Fund

PRULink Growth Fund

PRULink Global Emerging Markets Dynamic Fund

PRULink Equity Index Tracker Fund


PRULink Equity Fund


PRULink Global Market Navigator Fund - PhP Unhedged Share Class


PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund - PhP Unhedged Share Class


What is the date range of fund prices available for viewing?

The current date's unit price of each fund is available. You can also view changes in the daily unit prices by selecting a specific date range or by selecting a pre-determined range e.g., 5 days or 1 month or 3 months etc.

Can I compare unit prices of various PRULink funds within this feature?

Yes, you may compare up to two funds with the same denomination by selecting funds from the list or by using the search box.

How often do you generate Fund Fact Sheets?

Fund Fact Sheets are generated monthly. Fund Fact Sheets provide detailed updates on PRULink Funds' performance. They are not intended to serve as individual investment advice.

What range of monthly Fund Fact Sheet is available for download?

You may view and download the monthly fund fact sheet for the past 12 months.

Who can I reach out to for concerns about the PRULink Funds Daily Unit Prices?

For any questions, you may send an email to PRU Customer Action Team at or call our Customer helpdesk at (632) 8887 LIFE (8887 5433) within Metro Manila or 1 800 10 PRULINK (1 800 10 7785465) for domestic toll-free hotline.

PRUServices Terms of Use