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We continue to invest in the power of unity.
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We continue our investment in different Filipino communities.

PRU It Forward, Pru Life UK’s official volunteerism and outreach program, endeavors to provide employees with a platform to directly engage with vulnerable communities through volunteer work.

Our initiatives

National Schools’ Maintenance Week (Brigada Eskwela)

Pru Life UK partnered with the Department of Education to take part in the annual National Schools’ Maintenance Week or Brigada Eskwela. Pru Life UK has joined this effort since 2012, ensuring that schools are ready and safe for students in time for the start of classes through school repair and improvement efforts by volunteers.

Blood Drive with Philippine Red Cross

A partnership with the Philippine Red Cross allows Pru Life UK to employees to help provide safe and quality blood supply for the Filipino community through biannual blood donation drives.

Padayon Bantayan Island

An offshoot of the regional PRUVolunteering Programme of Prudence Foundation in aid of rebuilding and recovery efforts for typhoon-Yolanda stricken communities, Padayon Bantayan Island is a holistic community development program aimed at bringing transformative change in the lives of the communities also adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Relief operations

Typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan)

On November 8, 2013, super typhoon Yolanda (international name: Haiyan) took at least 6,300 lives, affected over 14 million people, and caused PhP 571.1 billion (USD 12.7 billion) in damages in the Philippines. About 90% of the Bantayan Island population was displaced by the super typhoon, leaving them in need of housing and livelihood support.

This prompted Pru Life UK, through Prudential Corporation Asia and Prudence Foundation, to commit USD 2 million in 2013 to support the relief and long-term recovery efforts in the affected areas. The team was comprised of life insurance and asset management employees from the UK and 14 Asian markets, including the Philippines (Pru Life UK). Through the Regional PRUVolunteer Program, they completed five legs of building new houses together with the local community and international non-governmental organization, Habitat for Humanity.

In March 2017, 126 disaster-resilient homes – which can withstand magnitude-8 earthquakes and winds of up to 275 kilometers per hour – were turned over to home partners. Prudence Foundation also provided sustainable livelihood through the contribution of 183 motorized boats with fishing nets and 140 cycle rickshaws.

Typhoon Maring (international name: Trami)

The rain brought by typhoon Maring resulted in the flooding of several provinces in Luzon, including Metro Manila, displacing 600,000 people and damaging 125,248 households. Pru Life UK partnered with Plan International to provide hygiene kits and jerry cans to a total of 3,000 households in Bataan. Pru Life UK also partnered with Save the Children to provide water and newborn kits to around 2,750 affected individuals in Malabon.

Local partners

  • Department of Education

  • Philippine Red Cross

  • Gawad Kalinga

  • Stiftung Solarenergie Foundation