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Build Your Business with PRU

Your journey to becoming a Pru Life UK life insurance agent begins here.
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Build Your Business (BYB) is a forum that presents the opportunities of becoming a life insurance agent with Pru Life UK. You will get to know our agents and listen to their tips and success stories. You'll also learn the requirements needed to become a business builder with the winning agency force. Attending a session is free. Visit https://www.joinpru.com.ph/ for more information on how to join our winning agency force.

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PRU Agent Academy

Training requirements
Begin your journey as a life insurance agent of Pru Life UK.

Complete your training by following these two simple steps:

STEP 1: Complete the online Rookie Onboarding Program (ROP) Part 1

STEP 2: Attend the virtual/classroom Rookie Onboarding Program Part 1

After completing your ROP Part 1, check out your next steps in the roadmap to becoming a full-fledged Pru Life UK agent.

Guides and Reviewers
Here are some guides and reviewers to help you succeed.

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