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Achieve your life goals with Pru Life UK's winning business proposition: SELL, RECRUIT, MANAGE!

Our commitment is to be Filipino families' most trusted partners and protectors. We cater to customers' evolving health and wealth protection needs through our products so they can achieve their financial goals.

Invite more people to insure more customers by onboarding them as more customers by onboarding them as Pru Life UK agents. If you know people who value PURPOSE, MENTORSHIP & a REWARDING business, recruit, recruit, recruit!

Build your business to the next level by taking the lead. Develop your leadership skills, experience professional growth and transform the lives of your team.

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Training requirements
Begin your journey as a life insurance agent of Pru Life UK.

Complete your training by following these two simple steps:

STEP 1: Attend the PRU REVIEW and take the licensure exam! Click here.

STEP 2: Complete the online Rookie Onboarding Program (ROP) Part 1. Click here.

STEP 3: Attend the virtual / classroom ROP Part 1. After completing your ROP Part 1, check out your roadmap's next steps to becoming a full--pledged pledged PruLife UK agent. Click here.

After completing your ROP Part 1, check out your next steps in the roadmap to becoming a full-fledged Pru Life UK agent.

Guides and Reviewers
Here are some guides and reviewers to help you succeed.

Attend the PRU review to ace the licensure exam! Click here.

Check out the ROP Part 1 Guide for more details. Click here.