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Making a death claim

Learn about our seamless process for death claims.

Forms and documents you will need

Death claim documentary requirements
Please prepare the following documents for your claims request. All documents originating overseas must be authenticated by the Philippine Consul in the respective country.
Claimant Statement

Download the Claimant Statement 

Attending Physician’s Statement

The statement should be accomplished by the physician who attended to the deceased.

Download the form here 

Policy Contract

The policy contract consists of the Application for Insurance, the Policy Data Page, the Sales Illustration Form and Policy Booklet.

Two (2) valid identification cards of INSURED
Two (2) valid identification cards of POLICYOWNER
Two (2) valid identification cards of BENEFICIARY/IES
Medical records (Admission and Discharge Summary, Clinical Summary and Abstract, Patient History Sheet)
Death Certificate
Birth or Baptismal Certificate of the insured
Birth or Baptismal Certificate of the beneficiary
Marriage contract, if beneficiary is the spouse of the insured
Death by external causes
If death of the insured is by external causes (accident, homicide, suicide, etc.), please also prepare the following documents.
  • Certified true copy of the Final Investigation report of Police Authorities or NBI;

  • Original or certified true copy of Sworn Statement or Affidavits on file of at least two witnesses to the incident or Affidavit of at least two persons cognizant of the circumstances surrounding the Insured’s violent death;

  • Certified true copy of Medico-Legal Report/Autopsy Report, if any;

  • Driver’s license and vehicle registration if the Insured was driving a vehicle at the time of death;

  • Duly certified copy of the criminal Complaint filed in court, if any; or

  • Fiscal’s Resolution, if any.