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Our Social Responsibility


We build strong foundations to secure our children’s future.
Little girl graduating from kindergarten

Cha-Ching Financial Literacy for the Youth Program

Cha-Ching is the award-winning financial literacy and responsibility program of Prudence Foundation – the community investment arm of Prudential in Asia and Africa – in partnership with Cartoon Network that instills sound financial habits and promotes financial responsibility in children.

At its core, Cha-Ching consists of a series of three-minute music videos featuring six lively characters, to help children learn about the fundamental money management concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate. The six characters in the program are members of the Cha-Ching band, each with a different approach to money management. Cha-Ching music videos feature catchy songs with lyrics and enhanced subtitles that children can sing along to, aiding comprehension and retention.

Cha-Ching in Asia and Africa:

  • Cambodia

  • Ghana

  • Hong Kong

  • Indonesia

  • Kenya

  • Malaysia

  • Myanmar

  • Philippines

  • Singapore

  • Taiwan

  • Thailand

  • Uganda

  • Vietnam

  • Zambia


Cha-Ching is built around several elements that respond to children’s learning needs:

  • A series of three-minute music videos on Cartoon Network and Free to Air TV.

  • A website with games and applications that engage children in real-life money management scenarios to reinforce the learnings derived from the music videos

  • Online resources and at-home activities that teachers and parents can work through with children

  • YouTube playlist to provide additional platforms to access music videos anytime anywhere

  • A Facebook page to encourage interaction and discussion on the social media space

In 2016, Prudence Foundation partnered with JA Asia Pacific to develop the Cha-Ching Curriculum and provide teachers with structured lesson plans for conducting Cha-Ching sessions in class. The Curriculum adopts activities-based learning approach to instill four key money concepts of Earn, Save, Spend and Donate in students.

The Cha-Ching Curriculum was piloted in 2016 and has since been endorsed by the Ministry of Education of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Thailand and Zambia.

In Africa, the Cha-Ching Curriculum has been implemented in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Zambia through volunteers since 2016.

To date, over 500,000 students have been taught the Cha-Ching Curriculum, with more than 10,000 teachers trained across Asia and Africa.

In the Philippines, Pru Life UK’s partnership with the Department of Education and Junior Achievement Philippines has enabled Cha-Ching’s concepts to be integrated into the school curriculum to teach grade 4 elementary students the money-smart values of Earn, Save, Spend, and Donate. The curriculum was developed by Prudence Foundation and Junior Achievement Asia Pacific. Educators from more than 2,300 partner schools nationwide are currently implementing the program. To ensure they receive adequate training, partner schools are provided with teacher guides, student workbooks, and Cha-Ching cartoon episodes in DVD – at no cost.

Click here for more information on Cha-Ching.

Our initiatives

The Cha-Ching Mobile Classroom

Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation partnered with the Arnel Pineda Foundation, Inc. to launch the Cha-Ching Mobile Classroom in 2016. The Cha-Ching Mobile Classroom is a truck equipped with teaching paraphernalia and a library that can be set up alongside the vehicle to facilitate learning sessions anywhere the vehicle is deployed.

Chevening Scholarships

Since 2017, Pru Life UK and Prudence Foundation have been collaborating with the British Embassy Manila to co-fund Chevening Scholarship Grants for Filipino applicants wishing to pursue graduate studies on Education and Finance Journalism in the UK.

First Read Program

Pru Life UK, through Prudence Foundation, partnered with international non-government organization Save the Children to implement First Read, a long-term program that intends to develop age-appropriate books and literacy materials in the local language for Filipino children.

First Read recognizes the importance of children’s earliest experiences for future learning. The program works with parents of pre-school children to provide them with knowledge and materials to support their children’s literacy and numeracy, while also improving children’s physical and nutritional wellbeing.

In Asia, Prudence Foundation supports two large-scale First Read programs in the Philippines and Cambodia, helping children aged 0-6 years and their parents through home-based Early Childhood Care and Development.

Local partners

  • Department of Education

  • Junior Achievement Philippines

  • British Embassy Manila

  • Save the Children

  • Arnel Pineda Foundation, Inc.