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Filing a critical illness claim

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How do I file a claim

Step 1: Start your claim
Complete the claims request form to let us know you’re making a claim.
Step 2: Prepare your documents
Prepare the necessary forms and documents while you wait for our acknowledgement.
Step 3: Submit your documents
Submit your documents via email to with email subject New Claim_Policy Number for new claim request or Claims Requirement_Policy Number for compliance of requirements.
Step 4: Receive your claim
Once approved, we’ll send your claim to you via fund transfer or Gcash.

Forms and documents you will need

Standard requirements
  1. Claimant Statement 

    Download Claimant Statement - Critical Illness

  2. One (1) valid government-issued photo ID of the claimant

  3. Complete Medical Records supporting the critical illness diagnosis (duly certified by the issuing hospital/institution):

    • Admission and Discharge Summary;

    • Clinical Summary and Abstract;

    • Diagnostic procedure results supporting the diagnosis (e.g. ECG, biopsy, blood test, ultrasound, MRI, any endoscopy procedure, x-ray, etc..)

    • History Sheet: Contains the chief complaint, personal and family history (past and present)

Additional requirements based on type of illness
  1. For cancer

  2. For stroke

  3. For heart attack

  4. For brain tumor

  5. For renal failure