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Get your body back: Gentle ways to detox after the holidays

The start of the year inevitably comes with goals for adventure and positive change. And just like most people, you’re probably looking at your health and fitness to work on first -- after all, these are what we need to recover from all the ham, keso de bola, and other festive meals we munched on during the holidays.

Although doing this can be good for you, your journey to getting back in shape doesn’t always have to be about intense fitness programs and a rigorous diet.

One important thing to know when trying to get back on track is that your body is resilient and it knows how to heal itself. [1] Your body actually does most of the work for you, and your part is to support it in the process. Here are some ways to do that.

Drink up [2] 

Water is one of the most essential cleaning agents for your body. Drinking lots of water helps dissolve waste particles in your system, boost your energy levels, and help your body go back to its healthier state.

Although this has been said for ages, a lot of people still forget to drink enough water. Remember that the recommended amount of water a person should take is at least 64 ounces or 8 glasses of water daily.

Add a new healthy dish into your diet at least once a week [3]

Even if you want nothing but to start a healthier lifestyle this new year, you don’t have to change your entire diet abruptly. Gradually including new recipes in your meal plan until your body gets used to picking and eating nutritious meals is one better way to start a healthier diet.

This can change your nutrient intake and help you let go of unhealthy food cravings if you have any.

Keep the fridge packed with yogurt

This yummy and nutritious dessert may actually help keep you stay lean. A Harvard study found eating more nuts, vegetables, and yogurt can help you avoid unwanted weight gain. [4]

Yogurt contains probiotics which provide beneficial bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract that help your immune system and may help you stay fit.

Introduce yourself to yoga

Yoga has a lot of benefits, especially in reducing stress and anxiety. [5] Incorporating yoga into your routine helps eliminate the toxins you accumulated over the holidays while also soothing your mind.

This also helps you practice good posture, build lean muscle, and increase your overall wellness. [6]

If you’re new to yoga, try watching video tutorials about it or ask someone who practices yoga so you won’t get too intimidated.

Overhauling your routine or diet all at once could be a recipe for disaster. Instead, first try adding the small changes mentioned to your lifestyle. Although these things may seem minimal, if practiced together, they can have a big impact in restoring your health this new year.



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