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PRURide PH 2023 Raffle
Prudential’s 175th Anniversary Special for Customers

Join the PRURide PH 2023 festivities or Gran Fondo for a chance to win an all-expense-paid trip to London for FOUR (4) family members--That’s PRU Love!

*See full Mechanics, Terms and Conditions below.
Mission Pulseible

PRURide PH 2023 Raffle


In line with the 175th anniversary of Prudential anchoring on its London heritage, Pru Life UK will bring one (1) policyowner with three (3) family members to London.

PRURide PH 2023 Raffle is for existing customers who registered to the PRURide Event OR the PRURide Gran Fondo, and are policyowners, as of 31 March 2023, of any of the following products ("Featured Products”):

  1. PRUHealth FamLove
  2. PRUHealth Prime
  3. PRULife Your Term
  4. PRUMax Invest
  5. Future Safe Rider

Mechanics: PRURide PH 2023 Raffle
  1. Campaign period is from 1 April to 24 May 2023.

    1. Last day for registration for PRURide Clark is 17 May 2023.

    2. Last day for registration for PRURide Cebu is 24 May 2023.

  2. Eligibility: Policyowners who meet BOTH criteria:

    1. Successfully registered for the PRURide event or the PRURide Gran Fondo on 21 May 2023 or 28 May 2023; and

    2. Have at least one (1) in-force individual (neither Corporate nor Business) policy of any of the Featured Products, issued on or before 31 March 2023 (“Eligible Policy”).

  3. The Eligible Policy should be in-force until 30 May 2023 or the date of validation of winners, whichever is later.

  4. NO NEW product purchase is required to join the raffle.

  5. How to earn raffle entries for eligible policyowners:

    1. Register for the PRURide festivities for Clark and/or Cebu – one (1) raffle entry

    2. Register for PRURide Gran Fondo – two (2) raffle entry for EACH leg (Clark and Cebu)

      As registration to the PRURide Gran Fondo allows eligible policyowners to participate in the PRURide Event festivities, separate registration to the PRURide Event is not required. 

    To illustrate:



Number of Raffle Entries


Registered for PRURide Event in Clark

1 raffle entry


Registered for PRURide Event in Clark and Cebu

1 raffle entry


Registered for PRURide Gran Fondo Cebu

2 raffle entries


Registered for PRURide Gran Fondo Cebu and PRURide Event in Cebu

2 raffle entries


Registered for PRURide Gran Fondo Clark and Gran Fondo Cebu

4 raffle entries


Registered for PRURide Gran Fondo Clark and Cebu AND PRURide Event in Clark and Cebu

4 raffle entries


  1. Existing policyowners should indicate the email address that is tied with their Pru Life UK policy (any of the Featured Products) when registering to attend the PRURide Gran Fondo OR PRURide festivities. In the event that the email address used is different than the one on Pru Life UK’s records, no raffle entry will be rewarded.

  2. Winner:

    1. The winning policyowner will go to London with three (3) family members of their choice (“Family Members” or “Family Member”), to be nominated within 2 business days of confirmation of winning the raffle.

    2. Visa application, airfare, and full-board accommodations will be covered by Pru Life UK.

    3. The winning policyowner and Family Members should each have a Philippine passport valid for travel for at least 6 months from the date of travel to and from London. Passport application or renewal shall not be covered by Pru Life UK.

    4. Travel prize is non-convertible to cash unless the winner or companions is denied a visa.

      1. If the policyowner is denied a visa, Cash Conversion Guideline will apply. Policyowner can also opt to encash the cost for the remaining Family Member/s or give them the chance to take the reward of flying to London.

      2. In case a Family Member is denied a visa, cash conversion guidelines will be applied and rewarded to the winning policyowner.

      3. Cash Conversion Guideline: The 85% cash conversion will be reduced by travel-related cost such as, but not limited to, travel taxes, travel agency service fees, visa application fees, and other charges as may be applicable.

    5. The winner and Family Members agree to be photographed or videographed and agree that the material may be published as deemed.

  3. All employees and agents of Pru Life UK and their relatives up to the 2nd degree of consanguinity or affinity (e.g. parents, children, grandparents, siblings, grandchildren, spouse, parents-in-law, daughter/son-in-law) are disqualified from joining this campaign as a policyowner.

Terms and Conditions

Additional criteria applicable to PRURide PH 2023 Raffle:

  1. Raffle draw will be held on 30 May 2023. The winning policyowner has to have an Eligible Policy issued on or before 31 March 2023, and still in-force on the date of validation of the winner.

  1. The winning policy owner is not required to submit proof of relationship to nominate a companion to the trip.

  1. The winning policy owner will be validated based on the following information provided in the PRURide Registration and extracted from Pru Life UK’s policy records ("Eligible Policy"):

    1. First Name

    2. Last Name

    3. Date of Birth

    4. Registered Email Address

  1. Appeals will no longer be entertained when the campaign’s final and official results are announced.

  1. Pru Life UK reserves the right to render final interpretation of the contest mechanics, parameters, and house rules.