Get 5% guaranteed annual payout for life and 200% lifetime coverage!

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A guarantee of earnings and legacy for your family whatever life takes you.

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Guaranteed 4% annual cash payout for 7 years*
Get assured earnings every policy anniversary for your various needs and milestones.

*Based on single premium paid to be received annually for 7 years while the life insured is alive.
Content woman with Pru Love endowment policy
Up to 125% insurance coverage*
Leave a legacy for your loved ones.

*Based on single premium paid.
Woman smiling secured by Pru Love Wealth plan
100% cash back after 7 years
Receive 100% of the premium paid at the end of the 7-year coverage regardless of market conditions.

Product features

Payment term

Avail this product through one-time payment.

Duration of coverage

The duration of coverage is 7 years.

Age requirement     

The plan is eligible for applicants from 7 days to 60 years old for the insured and 18 to 99 years old for the policyowner.

Minimum single premium

Payment starts at PhP500,000.00.

Product details

Core Benefits
  1. Death Benefit – Your beneficiaries will receive either 125% of single premium for accidental death1 or 100% of single premium for non-accidental death if death happens within two (2) years from issuance or date of last reinstatement of the policy. They will receive 125% of the single premium, regardless of cause of death if death happens after two (2) years from issuance or date of last reinstatement.
  2. Guaranteed Annual Payout – Receive assured yearly payouts equivalent to 4% of the single premium paid until the policy maturity date as long as the Life Insured is alive on each policy anniversary when a payout is due. The policyowner is not allowed at any time to leave the annual payout to the company with the intent to accumulate additional earnings.
  3. Maturity Benefit – Get 100% of the single premium paid if the policy is in-force at the end of the 7-year coverage period.

Any outstanding loans and interest are deducted from the Death Benefit, Maturity Benefit, or Guaranteed Annual Payout.

Other Features
  1. Policy Surrender and Schedule of Net Cash Values  – The policy may be surrendered before the Policy Maturity Date for its net surrender value which is the cash value less any outstanding policy loan and interest. The Schedule of Net Cash Values forms part of the Policy Booklet and is provided to the customer upon issuance of the policy.
  2. Policy Loan  – A loan may be obtained not exceeding the maximum loanable amount which is 80% of the available cash value. The amount of loan and interest is payable on or before the next policy anniversary. If the loan remains unpaid by then, both loan and interest become a new loan on which interest will be charged at the rate in effect on that date. Any outstanding loans and interest are deducted from any payable benefits.
  3. Reinstatement – If the Policy terminates due to over loan, the Policy owner may apply to reinstate it within three (3) years from lapsation date and prior the Policy Maturity Date. The Policy owner is required to pay the necessary amount to put his policy back to in force status, as determined by Pru Life UK.
Important Considerations
  1. This plan and other benefits attachable to it have other conditions and exclusions that may affect the payment of the insurance proceeds. The complete terms and conditions are found in the Policy Contract. In the event of conflict between this material and the Policy Contract, the latter shall prevail.
  2. Guaranteed Insurability Offer (GIO) – Medical underwriting is not required to issue the policy. However, this does not mean guaranteed approval of application. It may still be declined for reasons such as, but not limited to, the following: (1) Exceeded the GIO limits set by Pru Life UK, (2) Non submission of complete requirements for Anti-Money Laundering Act (AMLA), Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF), and Economic Sanctions Regimes (Issuances) , (3) Non completion of information in the GIO application form. If policy is not issued, 100% of the single premium paid will be returned.

(1) If the Life Insured dies due to accidental death which is due directly and independently of all other causes by violent, accidental, external, and visible means and occurs within 180 days from date of accident. All death benefits are reduced by any outstanding policy loans and interest.

Product terms & conditions including on cash back apply.
Limited time offer only & subject to availability.

PRULove Wealth

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