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Filing a death claim

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Forms and documents you will need

Standard requirements
  1. One (1) Claimant Statement Form per beneficiary

    Download Claimant Statement - Death Claim

  2. Death certificate of the Life Insured

  3. One (1) valid government-issued photo ID of the beneficiary

Other conditional requirements (as applicable)
  1. For claims for policies that have been active or reactivated/reinstated within two years:

    1. Attending Physician’s Statement

      Download Attending Physician’s Statement – Death Claim

    2. Complete medical records or health history of the deceased (may be requested from hospitals or clinics that attended to the deceased)

    3. Admission and discharge summary

    4. Consultation record of present and past illness, if any

    5. Clinical abstract, if any

    6. Diagnostic procedure results (e.g. ECG, biopsy, blood test, ultrasound, MRI, any endoscopy procedure, x-ray), if any

    7. Hospital Confinement records of present and past illness, if any

    8. HMO utilization report, if any

  2. For minor beneficiary (less than 18 years old):

    1. Birth certificate of the minor beneficiary

    2. Affidavit of legal guardianship for claim proceeds less than PHP 500,000 or USD 10,000 (The form for Affidavit of legal guardianship is provided by us once claim is approved)

    3. Guardianship bond for claim proceeds more than PHP 500,000 or USD 10,000

      1. For the guardianship bond, to seek legal assistance to submit the following requirements:

        • Petition for the approval of a guardian’s bond;

        • Court order approving the issuance of a bond; and

        • A guardian’s bond

  3. If the claimant is a legal entity:

    1. Secretary’s Certificate confirming the board resolution approving the transaction and authorizing the company representative

    2. General Information Sheet

    3. 1 valid government-issued photo ID of the company representative

  4. If the claimant is or the event happened outside the Philippines:

    1. All forms and proofs of claim(s) obtained outside the Philippines must be in English and apostilled (duly authenticated) by the Philippine Embassy or Consul of the country where the event happened

    2. Medical records from a hospital located abroad do not require authentication by the Philippine Embassy located in the foreign country

    3.  Apostille mark or stamp for medical records is accepted

  5. If death is by external causes (e.g., accident, homicide, suicide, murder):

    1. Certified true copy of the Final Investigation report of police authorities or National Bureau of Investigation

    2.  Driver’s license and vehicle registration if the Deceased was driving a vehicle at the time of death

    3. Certified true copy of Medico-Legal Report or Autopsy Report, if any

    4. Police report/Incident report if death is due to accident

  6. If the policy has been assigned:

    1.  If the related loan has no outstanding balance at the time of death, duly signed Release of Assignment from the Assignee

    2. If the related loan has an outstanding balance, certification of outstanding indebtedness (signed by the Assignee) of the Deceased at the time of death. The assignee must also submit the Claimant Statement and a valid government-issued photo ID

    3. Police report/Incident report if death is due to accident

  7. For Group Yearly Renewable Term or Group Personal Accident

    1.  Employer’s Certification

  8. For Mortgage Redemption Insurance (MRI)

    1. Certificate of Coverage of Group Creditor Life insurance

    2. Certificate of Outstanding Loan from Creditor on the amount of loan outstanding at the time of death

  9. For Field Trip Coverage

    1. Field trip certificate from school 

    2. Incident or police report