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Customer Advisories

Customer Support for Typhoon Odette

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is qualified for the 90-Day Grace Period Extension?

Customers within Visayas and Mindanao (including the Palawan area) with premium dues between November 15, 2021, to January 15, 2022, are qualified for the 90-Day grace period extension.

Will my claim still be considered valid even if I haven’t paid for my premium within the 90-Day Grace Period?  

Yes, if your policy is qualified for the 90-Day extended grace period and the claim is valid upon evaluation.

Will the 90-Day Grace Period be applicable to all my premium due dates?

No, the 90-Day grace period will only cover your premium due dates that fall between November 15, 2021 to January 15, 2022.

Where can I settle my premium payments?

For a full list of available premium payment channels, please visit:

Where can I file my claims? Are there any additional guidelines for when I file for my claims?

For more information on filing for claims, please visit:

To help support customers residing in the affected areas of Typhoon Odette, claims cases received from these areas will be handled as a priority to provide shorter processing time. Claim requirements for death or accident claims directly caused by the typhoon may also be relaxed on a case to case basis.

How can I view my policy details?

To view your policy details, you may visit My Policies on Pulse, register and add your policies. Download Pulse for free here:

Where can I send my additional questions regarding Customer Support for Typhoon Odette?

You may call Pru Life UK’s Customer Action Team’s dedicated hotlines for enquiries, at telephone numbers (+632) 8 683 9630 and (+632) 8 683 9781  from 9am-5pm (Mon-Sat except  Dec. 25 and Jan. 1); (+632) 8887 LIFE (8887 5433) for Metro Manila and 1-800-10 PRULINK (1-800-10 7785465) for domestic toll-free from 9am-4pm (Mon-Fri), or send an e-mail to:

My policy is enrolled in auto-pay arrangement, and I am entitled to the grace period extension of 90 days. Will my policy still be charged on its due date?

Clients with policies enrolled in auto-pay arrangement will still be charged on their premium due dates as the auto-pay facility is in place. This also applies to policies which premiums are paid through Post-Dated Checks (PDC).

To ensure that the policy will remain active, clients are encouraged to retain their auto-pay enrollment.

However, on extreme cases, clients residing within the affected areas of Palawan, Visayas and Mindanao may have the option to temporarily discontinue their enrollment or defer their PDC payments by submitting a signed letter of request or emailing

To stop Auto-Pay Arrangements (Credit Card or Bank Automatic debit arrangement):

  • Submit a letter or email with the subject:<STOP AUTO-PAY + Your 8-digit Policy Number/s>
  • Indicate your intention to discontinue the nominated credit card or debit account.

Note: The email request must be submitted at least 7 days ahead of the premium due date.

Once the auto-pay arrangement on your policy has been processed, premiums will have to be settled through other available payment channels:

To Defer Post-Dated Check (PDC) Payments:

  • Submit a letter or email with the subject: <PDC Deferment + Your 8-digit Policy Number/s>

Note: The email request must be submitted at least 5-7 days ahead of date of the PDC.

  • Indicate your new date of deposit which should be within 60 days from the check’s date.
  • Attach/Enclose a copy of your valid ID.


Because of the extension of the grace period, policies especially under monthly and quarterly modes will experience overlapping premium dues, in which case, clients may need to pay multiple premiums simultaneously to keep their policies up to date. To prevent this and avoid policy lapsation, clients are encouraged to continue paying premiums regularly when able.

Can I re-enroll my policy in Auto-Pay Arrangement?

Yes, you can re-enroll your policy in Auto-Pay Arrangement. To re-enroll, you may submit new auto-pay enrollment form to your agent, any Pru Life UK Customer Center or via email at Visit the ‘automatic payments” section of our website to know more:

Will there be a dedicated hotline for Claims cases due to Typhoon Odette?

Yes, a dedicated Claims hotline is available for the victims of Typhoon Odette.  You may call us at the following hotline numbers:

(+632) 8-6839630,  (+632) 8-6839781 - Available from 9AM to 5PM, Mondays through Saturdays except Dec. 25 and Jan. 1

(+632) 8-8875433 for Metro Manila and 1-800-PRULINK (1-800-10 7785465) Domestic toll-free number - Available From 9AM to 4PM, Mondays through Fridays.  Press 4 for Customer Service Assistance.

You may also file your claim via our Pulse App.  Download Pulse for free to easily manage your policy and claims with ease.