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Enter 2022 with a Lifestyle Breakthrough: 3 Tips for People Jumping on a Fitness Journey

The pandemic has put our lives at standstill long enough already, so what better way to kickstart the new year than moving towards becoming healthy.

With fitness apps and home-based exercise tutorials popping left and right, there’s no longer a need to break a sweat while planning one’s fitness journey.

After setting goals, the question now is how to start pursuing these health holy grails.

In order to help you navigate your fitness road, just put in mind these tips:

1. Start easy

If you’re not a gym buff, nor an exercise junkie, it’s best to do easy exercises. Lifestyle blog Save.com listed low-intensity steady-state training (LISS) as one of the workout trends that people should try in 2022.

According to HealthLine, LISS is associated with “running, cycling, brisk walking, swimming, and other cardio activities that require longer sessions of low-intensity exercise.”

While doing LISS might take you a longer time, HealthLine said this kind of exercise can “aid in fat burning and fat loss,” and is also an “effective way to train for endurance events.”

Another easy activity you can do — without also having so much money on equipment — is hula hoop exercises.

Hula hoop workouts have gotten so much interest from those working on their fitness goals, even topping the list of most-searched fitness trends in 2021 released by PureGym.

Apart from being fun to use, MayoClinic said hula hoops, whether a regular one or weighted, can “provide similar results to other types of aerobic activities such as dancing.”

“On average, women can burn about 165 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping, and men can burn about 200 calories in 30 minutes of hula hooping,” the health website said.

2. Download fitness apps

If you don’t have a personal trainer, fitness apps can be of great help in your path towards achieving a fitter, healthier body. These apps not only help you track your progress, some even help improve your workout plans, and provide nutrition information, which is also essential in improving one’s health.

Nutrition and exercise-focused website, Very Well Fit picked MyFitnessPal as the best fitness app in 2021, citing its “robust food and activity database, easy-to-use logging and tracking tool, a library of workouts, and ability to connect to several apps.”

Other apps they recommended were Sworkit, The 7 Minute Workout, and Daily Workouts Fitness Trainer.

3. Change your perspective

Embarking on a fitness journey shouldn’t be just a “resolution,” but rather a “revolution,” according to o former NFL player and Supra Human CEO, John Madsen.

“You can’t think of it as temporary, it needs to be a wide-reaching change that becomes ingrained in your behavior and second nature. Only then will you stick to it and find success,” he told AskMen in an interview.

AskMen said moving away from the idea of a timeline will “successfully implement a new fitness routine” to a person’s daily habits “without giving up by the time February rolls around.”

This was also underscored by Chris Giblin in his Men’s Journal article, advising people to take the proper amount of time to achieve their goal.

“We all have friends who burn themselves out quickly – going on crazy diets only to go back to eating junk food within a month, or getting to the gym every day for a couple of weeks before giving it up,” Giblin wrote

“Be reasonable when you set goals. It’s nearly impossible to make a sudden, drastic change in lifestyle that will stick, and it’s pretty much impossible to get noticeably stronger and faster every day,” he added.

Jump on that fitness journey and maintain a good health for you and your family. You’ll be able to reap the financial benefits in the long run.

In these uncertain times, make sure to take care of your health and wealth. Protect yourself and your loved ones from uncertainty, and the financial burden of sudden sickness and high hospitalization costs.

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