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Health and Financial Wellness

How do you protect your finances during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During these times of uncertainty, physical and mental health are equally important as financial stability.

Make that right decision of protecting both your and your family’s health and your wealth from the rising cases of COVID-19.

Here are some tips on how to go about it.

  1. Create an emergency fund

It is important to have your emergency expenses covered now that we are uncertain of how long the COVID-19 pandemic will be. Make sure there are enough financial resources to cover your unexpected expenses.

  1. Use the extra time to optimize other areas of your financial well-being

With most of us spending our time with ourselves and our families at home, we may have that extra time to shore-up other areas of financial well-being. We can take time the time to evaluate our spending habits and find ways on how we can improve our finances.

  1. Invest in health and life protection plans

With the continued rising cases COVID-19 not only in the country, but globally as well, it is important to provide health and wealth coverage for you and your family in this time of uncertainty.

To stay protected, it advised to get yourself and your family a comprehensive life protection plan that will cover against possible illnesses including COVID-19 and the high hospitalization costs it entails.

PRUShield, PRU Life UK’s yearly renewable term life protection product combines hospitalization and lump sum benefits to help you keep a steady income while you recover in case of injury or illness.

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