Check out the new PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund for your insuravest! 

Pru Life UK makes financial planning and access to financial tools and services easier for Filipinos

In one with Filipinos who want to fulfill security and growth in terms of their finances

To help more Filipinos better manage their financial goals and access financial tools and services more easily, leading life insurer Pru Life UK is offering the Wealth@Pulse and the PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund. 


Pulse, the all-in-one AI-powered health management app, is one of the leading life insurer’s premier tools to help Filipinos achieve better health. It offers a variety of features that enables users to monitor their fitness activities, such as the Healthcheck, My Food Journal and the Fitness Tracker.

To further strengthen Pulse and give its users the optimum experience, Pru Life UK is launching Wealth@Pulse, the newest financial partner of every customer which provides digital and innovative solutions that will truly guide them in managing their money and become financially healthy with just a few clicks on their Pulse app.

Wealth@Pulse brings in a suite of features designed to make every Filipino’s financial lifestyle simpler and more exciting.  It hosts Ruby, a digital assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence who will provide financial insights. It also offers My Goals, My Budget, and My Assets, which are designed as digital financial management tools. Lastly, Wealthy Minds and Daily Financial Bytes share numerous meaningful reading materials on making money-wise decisions.

PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund

In its aim to give Filipinos more options to invest, Pru Life UK is introducing PRULink Global Equity Navigator (GEN) Fund, an investment-linked life insurance fund primarily invested in various equity markets around the world.

Available in Philippine Peso, the PRULink GEN Fund allows investors access to the ever expanding growth opportunities from global stock markets. It aims to provide a combination of capital growth and income for medium to long-term. It also adapts a multifactor investment strategy to lessen volatility through different growth drivers from a diversified pool of stocks and equity funds. More importantly, it gives protection coverage benefits while being invested. 

New and existing Pru Life UK policyholders can apply and invest in PRULink GEN Fund. This product is suitable for individuals who want a more diversified portfolio and those with knowledge about international financial markets.

“Pru Life UK is one with Filipinos who want to fulfill security and growth in terms of their finances. We strongly believe in providing our customers new ways to grow their money and protect their family given our current situation. It is with our unwavering We DO Wealth commitment that we have designed the Wealth@Pulse and PRULink Global Equity Navigator Fund. We want Filipinos to have as many options as possible,” said Pru Life UK President and Chief Executive Officer Eng Teng Wong.

To learn more about Wealth@Pulse and the PRULink GEN fund, download the free Pulse app from Google Play and App Store and.