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Pru Life UK’s latest PRUHealth Prime product alleviates women’s breast cancer worries

A reminder for Filipinas to take care of their bodies

Breast Cancer is one of the leading causes of cancer death in the country[1]. A reminder for Filipinas and women to take care of their bodies and be mindful of their changing health conditions.

These statistics and factors motivated the country’s leading life insurer, Pru Life UK, to introduce PRUHealth Prime - Select Breast Cancer product. It is the first breast cancer-specific life insurance product in the market.

“We are well aware of the threat of breast cancer to all women. From its effect on health to the financial impact of its treatments, this disease will take a toll not only on the individual but on their family, too.  With this pioneering product, we want to remind every woman that we are their allies in protecting their health and their families against this illness,” shared Pru Life UK SVP and Chief Customer Marketing Officer Allan Tumbaga. 

PRUHealth Prime - Select Breast Cancer gives financial protection to all females between 25 to 45 years of age. The product is made available in two packages, both valid for a year.

For a one-time premium of Php 150, the first package provides P10,000 of Diagnosis Benefit. On the other hand, a one-time premium of Php 425 guarantees P10,000 of Diagnosis Benefit and P20,000 for undergoing Lumpectomy or Mastectomy. Both packages are available via Pulse, the company’s all-in-one AI-powered health monitoring app (product terms and conditions apply).

Apart from having an insurance product to cushion the emotional and financial toll of breast cancer, it is also vital to adapt healthy habits as a great defense against the possibility of developing it, in the first place. Here are insightful tips on lowering the risks of breast cancer:

Maintain a healthy body weight

It is best to have a healthy weight based on the doctor’s recommendation. It’s also helpful to compute your body mass index or BMI online. Obesity and sudden weight gain may contribute to increasing the risk of getting the disease.

Engage in active lifestyle

Being physically active helps maintain and lose weight and calories as needed. Even inside our homes, dedicating at least 30 minutes of workout benefits one’s good health.

Minimize alcohol intake

According to research, drinking a greater amount of alcohol leads to a higher risk of breast cancer. Avoiding or reducing the alcohol intake may lower its risk.

Stay healthy by eating fruits and vegetables

Having a balanced diet is necessary not only in maintaining weight, but also in filling our bodies with proper nutrients and vitamins needed to boost our immunity.

Breast Self-Exam

Examining the breasts at regular intervals for pains and sensations, and observing and keeping a record of its form and color may aid in the early detection of breast cancer.

Regularly consult with a specialist

It is highly encouraged for women to ask advice from specialists and get regularly tested, especially when the illness is part of the family’s health history.

“Through this product, combined with a healthy lifestyle and regular check-up with your doctor, we at Pru Life UK wish to promote a healthy lifestyle and continuous awareness and protection against breast cancer,” added Tumbaga.

To learn more about the product and register, download the free Pulse app from Google Play and App Store.

[1] according to a recent data from the Global Cancer Observatory (GCO)