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Pru Life UK Supports Brigada Eskwela For The 8th Consecutive Year

Pru Life UK extends their support for the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Brigada Eskwela for 8 consecutive years.

For the eighth consecutive year, British life insurance company Pru Life UK extended support for the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Brigada Eskwela. Over 40 employees were mobilized for the week-long volunteer program to help repaint the school premises of Kalayaan Elementary School in Pasay City.

Also known as the National School Maintenance Week, Brigada Eskwela encourages the participation and collaboration of public schools, local government units, parents, students, and private organizations in the annual clean-up and repair of educational facilities in preparation for the start of classes each school year.

In addition to the volunteering program, Pru Life UK also donated paint and school supplies, as well landscaping materials to several public schools – Kalayaan Elementary School and Timoteo Paz Elementary School in Pasay City, and Cunalum Elementary School and Yaoyao Elementary School in Negros province. These schools have been our partners for the Cha-Ching Financial Literacy for the Youth Program, Pru Life UK’s flagship community investment initiative that teaches children basic financial management skills.

Pru Life UK’s continuous support to Brigada Eskwela is in line with the Company’s dedication in promoting volunteering work and contributions to the communities centered on education, health and safety. Pru Life UK has also supported various community engagement initiatives to help build safer and more secure communities across the country.