Influencer Marcus Cabais performs in Cha-Ching's "10 Things"

ChaChing new video - boys recording

Marcus Cabais (center) recording the new Cha-Ching song with co-stars Gia Khiêm (Vietnam) and Siri Chaikul (Thailand)

ChaChing new video - marcus during recording session

Marcus Cabais during a recording session for the new Cha-Ching music video

ChaChing new video - boys recording
ChaChing new video - marcus during recording session

MANILA, AUGUST 15, 2018 – Nine-year-old Marcus Cabais known for his role in the recent film “My 2 Mommies” where he plays the main role of Tristan, as well as for being one of the hosts of children’s TV show Team Yayhas demonstrated his full talent in a new music video called “10 Things”.

Together with five other rising TV and social media stars from around Asia, Marcus sang in the rap song as part of Prudence Foundation’s Cha-ChingTM Money Smart Kids’ financial literacy programme (Cha-Ching). The kids performed a choreographed dance which was then animated by Cartoon Network to create an awesome music video.

“10 Things” is a wrap-up song summarizing the top-10 learnings from Cha-Ching’s previous 18 episodes, all of which focus on the four fundamental money management concepts of earn, save, spend and donate.

Marcus, who was named the first-ever Cartoon Network Rockstar, flew to Singapore to record the session which will be aired on Cartoon Network starting from August 15, as well as its online, apps and social channels over the next few weeks.

Pru Life UK’s flagship corporate social responsibility program, Cha-Ching is a non-commercial and educational community initiative. In line with one of Cha-Ching’s four cornerstones, Donate, Marcus kindly chose to waive his talent fee, instead happily donating his time, talent and influence to help reach kids in the Philippines and all over Asia.

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Prudence Foundation is the community investment arm of Pru Life UK’s regional head office, Prudential Corporation Asia.

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