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Performs administrative support in appraisal, approval and issueance of medical and non-medical applications within the set authority limit across all product lines and distribution channels.

Main Responsibilities:

1. Evaluates and approves life risks up to the following limits:

  • Face amounts up to Php 2M and its equivalent in USDollar both medical and non-medical cases
  • The authority covers cases with substandard table rating of only up to Table “B” (+100%em)
  • Applications with occupational rating of up to Php 10.00 in extra premium
  • Aggregate single premium of Php 4M and its equivalent in USDollar

2. Approves, postpones and declines applications for life insurance within the set limits.

3. Leads and maintains an efficient, consistent and productive “one-stop-shop” team, cluster of New Business, Underwriting and Quality Control by:

  • regular monitoring of new business received, cases pending and for issuance
  • ensuring that the team maintains the committed turn-around time
  • leading and collaborating with his/her team in achieving company’s goals and department’s objectives such as meeting the targeted APE and keeping the pipeline at its minimum
  • assuring that queries of agents pertaining to new business and issuance of policies are attended within turn-around time
  • leading in embracing change management practices and continuous process improvement
  • proactively communicating with Manager / Head of Underwritin regarding business performance / adverse customer impact decisions and potential risks to business

4. Advises and trains lower level underwriters to aid in developing underwriting skills and promote uniformity in underwriting decisions.

5. Appraises policies that are subject for reinstatement / amendment referred for underwriting.

Required Knowledge/Skills: 

  • In depth understanding of Underwriting guidelines and practices
  • Proficient  with the Life Asia system
  • Keen understanding with the different medical impairments and its possible relation to other illnesses.
  • Extensive experience in medical underwriting
  • Applies professional knowledge and competence on the job



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