PRULife is a lifetime traditional protection plan that will give you savings through cash value and dividends. It gives guaranteed insurance protection starting at premiums of PhP 1,500/month.

Product highlights

Guaranteed living benefit

Provides high dividend rate

Product details

Payment term

Whole life (payable for the entire life span until age 99)

Coverage period

Up to age 99

Issue age

0 (7 days) to 75 years old


Annual premium starts at PhP 12,000

Core benefits

Death benefit of the base plan

Protection against accident, death, and disability:

  • Accidental Death and Disablement – an additional cash benefit in case the insured meets an accident that resulted to death or disability
  • Personal Accident - a comprehensive accident rider that gives cash benefit in the event the insured suffers injuries, disability or death due to accidents
  • Renewable and Convertible Level Term Assurance – a benefit that provides for the payment of the term insurance coverage in case of death of the insured
  • Spouse Waiver - a benefit that waives all future premiums of the base plan policy as well as term riders and other supplementary benefits attached to it in the event the spouse of the insured becomes disabled, suffers from critical illness or dies before age 60 or during the term of the policy, whichever is earlier
  • Payor Waiver– a benefit that waives those insured aged 25 and below from paying the premium of the policy if the payor dies or becomes totally and permanently disabled
  • Waiver of Premium on Total and Permanent Disability– a benefit that waives the insured from paying succeeding premiums if he/she suffers from sickness or injury that may make him/her unable to work again, or require constant assistance even in basic activities such as moving, bathing, and feeding

Protection against critical illness:

  • Crisis Cover Benefit – a cash benefit deducted from the base plan and paid in advance upon diagnosis of or upon surgery due to any of the 15 critical illnesses covered
  • Crisis Cover Plus – a cash benefit of up to 100% of the base plan sum assured or benefit amount of PhP 2 million per life, whichever is lower, in the event the insured has been diagnosed with or has undergone surgery due to any of the 15 critical illnesses covered
  • Crisis Cover Waiver a benefit that waives the insured from paying the succeeding premiums if he/she has been diagnosed with a critical illness or has undergone surgery due to any of the 15 critical illnesses covered

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