With a premium one-time payment of at least PhP 1,000,000 or USD 20,000, PRUmillionaire provides an advantage for the privileged. It is a unit-linked life insurance product that maximizes the value of investment through a significantly lower upfront charge of 0.5% and a superior selection of investment funds – all while having peace of mind through the insurance coverage.

Product highlights

PRUmillionaire - product highlight 1

No medical underwriting needed


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Product Details

Payment term

Single Pay

Coverage period

18 to 99

Issue age



Minimum Premium:
PHP 1,000,000

Maturity benefit

Fund Value

Death benefit

In case of death of the insured, the beneficiary is entitled to the 125% of the Single Premium plus 125% of
total Top-Ups paid less 125% of each withdrawals made, or the value of the units in the policy, whichever
is higher.

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PRUlink funds

PRUlink funds

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