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To get a life insurance plan that best suits your needs, we have provided you with a convenient tool that enables you to easily make a product comparison.

PRUMax Invest

Payable in 15 years

PRUMax Invest

18 to 65 years old

PRUMax Invest

PRUMax Value 15:

  • Premium starts at PhP 7,120*
    *For ages 18 to 20

Variable Life Rider:

  • Premium starts at PhP 5,000
PRUMax Invest

The total death benefit of PRUmax invest will be composed of the following:

  1. Sum assured of PRUmax value 15, plus
  2. Death benefit of the Variable Life Rider.

When a Variable Life Rider payment is made concurrent with the base plan's policy effectivity date:

Full death benefit is equal to the higher of:

  1. 125% of all top-ups less 125% of all withdrawals on the top-up units, or
  2. Value of units in the policy

When a Variable Life Rider payment is different with the base plan’s policy effectivity date:

Death occurs within two years:

  1. Accidental death = full death benefit
  2. Non-accidental death = return of value of units plus upfront and insurance charges paid

Death occurs after two years:

  1. Accidental or non-accidental death = full death benefit
PRUMax Invest
  • Death benefit of PRUMax Value 15
  • Death benefit of the Variable Life Rider

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