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To get a life insurance plan that best suits your needs, we have provided you with a convenient tool that enables you to easily make a product comparison.

PRUlife your term

One year coverage term; yearly renewable up to age 89

PRUterm 15

Up to 15 years

PRUlife your term

0 to 79 years old

PRUterm 15


PRUlife your term

Issue age

Minimum base annual premium

0-39 years old

PhP 8,000

40-59 years old

PhP 15,000

60-79 years old

PhP 35,000

PRUterm 15

Minimum premium: PhP 7,500*

*at age 30

PRUlife your term

Beneficiaries will receive the sum assured in lump sum.

PRUterm 15

Sum assured

PRUlife your term
PRUterm 15

PRUterm 15 can be enhanced by various riders as follows:

  • Accelerated Total and Permanent Disability – advances the benefit amount if the life insured is totally or permanently disabled due to injury or sickness
  • Accelerated Life Care Benefit – advances the benefit amount from the basic sum assured if the life insured has been diagnosed to be suffering from any of the 36 critical illnesses or has undergone surgery due to critical illness.
  • Accidental Death and Disablement - pays the benefit amount if life insured dies due to accident
  • Personal Accident – indemnifies the insured for injury or death due to accident
  • Hospital Income – provides daily and lump sum cash benefits to the life insured to cover the cost of hospitalization due to injury or illness
  • Waiver of Premium on Total and Permanent Disability – waives all future premiums until the expiry date of premium payment term if the life insured becomes totally and permanently disabled due to bodily injury or disease
  • Life Care Waiver – waives all future premium payments until the expiry date of premium paying term if life insured is diagnosed to be suffering from any of the critical illnesses or has undergone surgery due to critical illnes

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