Terms and Conditions

Pru Life UK recognizes the growing public concern for and possible devastating impact of the novel Coronavirus (“COVID-19”).  To show our policyowners and life insureds that we are a company that cares, we are offering, for a limited period, a FREE ADDITIONAL HOSPITALIZATION BENEFIT of Php1,000 per day capped at 10 days subject to the terms and conditions provided herein.

  1. The Pru Life UK Insurance Plan must have an attached Daily Hospital Income Benefit (“DHIB”).
  2. The Pru Life UK Insurance Plan with DHIB must have been issued on or before 31 January 2020.
  3. The Pru Life UK Insurance Plan with DHIB must have been in-force at the time of the claim.
  1. The Additional Daily Hospitalization Income Benefit can only be claimed once within the lifetime of the policy.
  2. The Life insured must have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and such diagnosis must be supported by a legitimate medical report and test. Clinical diagnosis alone does not meet this standard. We shall not pay the Additional Daily Hospitalization Benefit if the life insured’s diagnosis was obtained or the COVID-19 signs and symptoms appeared before the effective date of the Pru Life UK Insurance Plan.
  3. The life insured must be Confined in one of the Hospitals designated by the local government for treating the COVID-19.
  4. The Additional Daily Hospitalization Income Benefit shall only be payable for Confinements due to COVID-19 within the period of 20 February until 31 May 2020.
  5. The Additional Daily Hospital Income benefit is equal to Php1,000 per day capped at 10 days.
  6. To make a claim, the policyowner must submit the following documents to any of our branch offices or through his/her servicing agent or via email to newclaims.request@prulifeuk.com.ph with the subject ‘New Claim Policy #’:
    • Duly signed Claimant Statement
    • Duly signed Attending Physician Statement
    • Admission Summary/Discharge Summary/Clinical Abstract
    • Medical Report and Test which proves that the Life Insured has contracted the COVID-19
    • Statement of Account issued by the Hospital for the Life Insured’s Confinement
    • Confirmation from the Bureau of Quarantine that life insured has COVID-19
  7. We reserve the right to change any terms and conditions of this Additional Daily Hospitalization Income Benefit without issuing further notices. In the event of any disputes, we shall have the absolute discretion to make the final decision. Please refer to www.prulifeuk.com.ph for the latest updates.
  1. “Pru Life UK Insurance Plan” means a life insurance plan issued by Pru Life UK.
  2. “Confinement” means a continuous, medically necessary period of time, lasting at least twelve (12) hours, during which the life insured is confined in a Hospital (as defined below) as an in-patient.
  3. “Physician” means any person legally authorized in the geographical area of his practice to render medical and surgical services, other than the life insured or a member of the life insured’s immediate family.
  4. “Hospital” means a facility which must include all of the following:
    • a licensed, lawfully operating institution duly constituted and registered as a hospital;
    • is open at all times;
    • is operated mainly to diagnose and treat disabilities on an in-patient basis and at the patient’s expense;
    • has organized facilities for major surgery;
    • has a staff of one (1) or more doctors on call at all times;
    • provides nursing services for twenty-four (24) hours by or under the supervision of registered nurses;
    • is not other than incidentally a skilled nursing facility, clinic, place for alcoholics or drug addicts, nursing home, rest home, convalescent home, home for the aged, place for the treatment of mental disorders or a similar establishment; and
    • maintains a daily medical report for each patient, which is accessible to our designated Physician.
  5. “novel Coronavirus” or “COVID-19” means the novel Coronavirus as defined by the World Health Organization.
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