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PRUShield ensures you and your family can live comfortably when the unexpected happens. Get it conveniently via Pulse App.

Product Highlights



  • Php 1,000 per day

    * Daily Hospital Income Benefit

    * Up to a maximum of 365 days of continuous confinement for the same injury or illness

  • Php 100,000 Death Benefit

  • One year coverage; renewable up to age 64





Confinement due to pre-existing condition (illness suffered before purchase of the policy) shall not be eligible for claim




Daily Hospital Income Benefit claimable only after 30 days from the policy issuance



15-day Free Look Period to review the Policy


Eligibility Requirements for the Life Insured

Filipino citizen, must be 18-64 years old, residing in the Philippines (at the time of application)



Policy Owner must be the same with Life Insured*
*If purchased through Pulse

Must own a credit or debit card (Visa/Mastercard/JCB) under his/her name or e-wallet like GCash or Grab Pay




  • Must be in good health, have no physical or medical impairment

  • Have not consulted, been treated, examined for more than 2 weeks by a doctor for any disease or injury, nor have not undergone any medical diagnostic test and procedures other than for routine pre employment purposes in the last 5 years

  • Must not been confined in a hospital for any length of time or had any surgical procedure



PRUShield is available thru various channels of Pru Life UK. Policy premium, including cost of distribution and services, will be the same whether you purchase thru Pulse or thru a licensed Pru Life UK insurance agent.

PRUShield Terms and conditions

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Product FAQs


What is PRUShield?

PRUShield is a yearly renewable term insurance product that provides a Daily Hospital Income Benefit to help the insured cover the cost of hospitalization due to injury or illness and a lump sum benefit in case of the death of the insured.

What are the requirements for PRUShield insurance in Pulse?

At the time of application, the Policyowner and Life insured must be:

  • a Filipino citizen residing in the Philippines

  • 18-64 years old

  • one and the same, if product is purchased through Pulse

  • a credit or debit card (VISA/Mastercard/JCB) owner to enable purchase via Pulse

  • (a) Must be in good health; (b) must have no physical or medical impairment; (c) during the last five (5) years, must not have consulted, been treated or examined for more than two (2) weeks by a doctor for any disease or injury and must not have undergone any medical diagnostic test and procedures other than for routine pre-employment purposes; and (d) must not have been confined in a hospital for any length of time or had any surgical procedure


What are the benefits of PRUShield insurance?

With PRUShield, you or your beneficiaries are entitled to the following benefits:

  • Php 1,000 daily hospital income benefit for a maximum three hundred sixtyfive (365) days of continuous confinement for the same injury or illness

  • Php 100,000 death benefit for your beneficiary/ies


Where can I get PRUShield?

The PRUShield package is available through PRUShoppe in Pulse, Pru Life UK’s health management app.. You may also avail of higher PRUShield coverage through our Pru Life UK insurance agents.

How can I get PRUShield through Pulse?

Existing Pulse user:

  • An in-app notification will be sent to you to know more about the PRUShield insurance product. You may also access this through PRUShoppe anytime.

  • The product information including its benefits will be available through PRUShoppe so you can explore which package suits your needs.

  • Select your preferred product based on the packages available.

  • Fill-out the required information such as mobile number, occupation, and provide a scanned valid ID, and pay thru credit or debit card.

Non-PULSE user:

  • You may download the Pulse app for free from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store

  • Sign up for an account using email, Facebook, or Gmail accounts.

  • Select you preferred product based on the packages available.

  • Fill-out the required information such as mobile number, occupation, and provide a scanned valid ID, and pay thru credit or debit card.



What government IDs are valid to be uploaded during the registration?

A valid ID is mandatory during the application for PRUShield. The following valid IDs are accepted:


Philhealth Card

Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) photo-bearing ID/Certification

Driver’s License

Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN)

Firearms License

Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) ID

Senior Citizen/s Card

ID issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue

Police Clearance

Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) ID

Photo-bearing Credit Card

Postal ID


Seaman’s Book

Voter’s ID

GSIS e-Card

SSS Card

Photo-Bearing Barangay ID/Certification

Alien Certificate of Registration/Immigrant Certificate of Registration

Birth Certificate issued by the Philippine Statistics Authority

Photo-Bearing Health card issued by Health Maintenance Organizations

Government Office ID (e.g. AFP) and IDs issued by government instrumentalities

Certificate of Registration for NDFBP

School ID signed by the school principal or head of the educational institution

Photo-Bearing ID/Certification from the National Council for the Welfare of Disabled Persons (NCWDP)

Can I be the policyowner and have a different life insured for my PRUShield policy?

Unfortunately, no. For the PRUShield package in Pulse, the policyowner and life insured must be the same person. In case you want to name a different Life Insured, you may avail PRUShield through an agent, subject to full underwriting.

Can I cancel my policy?

You will be given a period of fifteen (15) days from your Policy Receipt Date to review you Policy. This is called the Free Look Period. The date that the email confirmation of your policy approval is sent shall be considered as your Policy Receipt Date and your 15-day Free Look Period will begin on this date. Should you decide that the policy is not suitable to your needs and wish to cancel your Policy, you must notify us through the My Policy section of your Pulse app within the Free Look Period.

How long do I wait before the policy gets approved?

Once you have successfully paid your PRUShield policy, you will receive a confirmation email within twenty-four (24) hours. You will also see your Policy Contract in the My Policy section of your Pulse app.

Can I avail more than one PRUShield policy?

You may only have one PRUShield policy that is availed through Pulse per policy year. Should you wish to have another PRUShield policy or a PRUShield policy with higher coverage, you may contact your agent or, subject to full underwriting.

How long is the coverage period of this policy?

The coverage period of your PRUShield policy is one (1) year.

If the policy expires after one (1) year, can I have it renewed?

Yes. You may renew your policy by paying the corresponding premium. We will send you a notification and instructions on how to renew the policy fifteen (15) days before the policy expiry date.

I got hospitalized the day after I purchased my PRUShield policy. Can I immediately claim the hospital income benefit?

If the cause of confinement is due to an injury, you can immediately claim the Daily Hospital Income benefit.

If the cause of confinement is due to an illness, there is a waiting period for Daily Hospital Income which is thirty (30) days from the effectivity date of this rider or the date of the last reinstatement of this policy. Claim requirements are subject to review and decision.

Can I receive a claim on Daily Hospital Income if I am hospitalized due to a pre-existing condition?

No amount will be paid if the claim is based on a pre-existing condition, unless the life insured has been continuously covered for twelve (12) consecutive months from this rider’s effectivity date or the last date of reinstatement of the policy. For the full definition of pre-existing condition, you may refer to PRUShield’s Terms and Conditions here.

How do I file a claim on Daily Hospital Income benefit?

The following are the requirements for Daily Hospital Income benefit claims submissions. You or your claimant must submit these within ninety (90) days from hospital discharge:

  • Accomplished claimant’s statement

  • Attending physician’s statement

  • Admission summary & discharge clinical abstract summary; and

  • Duly certified statement of account of hospitalization

Claim requirements are subject to review and decision.

I am a beneficiary of a PRUShield policy, how do I claim my benefit?

The following are the requirements for death claims submissions. As a beneficiary, you will be advised in due time how you can submit the requirements:

  • Accomplished claimant’s statement

  • Original death certificate or certified true copy

  • Birth or baptismal certificate of the Life Insured and primary beneficiary/ies; and

  • Current Policy Data Page

You may be required to submit additional documents or evidence to help Pru Life UK assess the claim.

Will the policy terminate if the Hospital Income benefit is paid to the Life Insured?

Your policy will not terminate even if the Hospital Income benefit is paid.

Can I convert PRUShield to another insurance plan?

PRUShield is not convertible to any PRU Life UK plans.

My beneficiary is still a minor and has no valid ID yet, how can I proceed with the registration?

In the absence of a school ID or passport for minors, you may use a birth certificate. It is recognized as a valid secondary ID.

I wasn’t able to elect my beneficiary for PRUShield, how can I nominate one?

If you chose not to register a beneficiary immediately or missed to nominate a beneficiary after your PRUShield policy has been issued, your policy application will still be valid. The Add Beneficiary feature is available, and may be accessed, as follows:

  1. Log in to your Pulse account and click on My Policies.

  2. On your PRUShield policy, click on the Update Beneficiary link.

  3. Fill-out the required information of beneficiary: ID number, full name, email address, and relation to insured. Remember to avoid hyphens or other special characters. Once done, click submit.

If you wish to change or edit your beneficiary, you are encouraged to do so at any time during the coverage period of your policy.

Who can I nominate as a beneficiary?

You, as Policy Owner and Life Insured, may name anyone as your beneficiary/ies if that person shall suffer financial loss should anything happen to you.

What will happen to the Policy Benefit if the Insured dies but missed to nominate a beneficiary?

In case you are unable to name a beneficiary or you do not wish to name one, the death benefit will be paid to your estate.

Where can I get more information about this product?

You may visit or for the latest information on PRUShield. For any questions, you may send an email to PRU Customer Action Team at